Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here is a question that has been bothering me for awhile

I am mostly unemployed at the moment, catching a few contracts here and there but nothing permanent right now.  This has placed me in the situation of dealing with quite a few different placement agencies and I have noticed that over the past couple years the workforce has become increasingly Indian.  To the point that I would say 80% plus of the contacts I have are with an individual of Indian origin.  And I am not just talking phone contacts either I am talking in-country, go to the office, and sign paperwork contacts.  This leads to my question -

How are these guys getting visas? 

My understanding is that work visas are supposed to be restricted to individuals with specialized skills or for jobs in which there is a shortage of qualified American workers.

Am I seriously supposed to believe there is a shortage of Americans who are qualified to screen resumes, set-up interviews and fill out INS / IRS paperwork?  I have a hard time accepting that.

Maybe my understanding of the applicable immigration law is faulty.  I am not a lawyer so that is extremely possible, but I have seen the H1B wave at an unnamed large tech company in the technical areas and no if it is moving into the soft skills that’s a little disturbing.

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