Saturday, June 27, 2009

My second FMJRA

1/2 as long as the first.

No Sheeple Here
hit me up again last Saturday. She was the only blogger that actually noted the post on the 9/11 Truthers holding their presentation in Seattle tonight without me e-mailing them. Yay!!!!! with that addition my readership swells from 1.5 to two.

Doubleplusundead responded to the e-mail and I got a little movement off that as well so some thanks are owed there too, still I have the feeling I am going to be a lonely voice in a hostile audience.

and that's it so I will close with another Sports by Brooks girl who I suspect was visited by the Silicone Fairy - Anyssa

Note: R.S. McCain is advocating withholding funds from the NRCC in response to the cap and trade vote yesterday. Good start but I still think we need an organized campaign to let the National level GOP know how upset we are.
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