Sunday, May 03, 2009

Around the Moronosphere in 60 minutes 5/3/09

No Sheeples Here (via The Other McCain) - Worlds Greatest Music Video? - Not really. It's electronic Europop but the girls are hot and that count's for a lot

Flopping Aces - And yet Homeland Security in this country frets about the threat of right wing terrorism? -

V the K - Honeymoon in Wales -

The Other McCain - Rule 5 Sunday is in effect - To get in on the action I give you Sienna Miller as the Baroness:

as well as her cartoon counterpart:

more in the movie trailer here

or you can find Ewa Sonnet and Jana Defi here and here. It's all good :-)

Stop the ACLU - GOP Launches Democrat Lite Tour - talked about this yesterday but it bears hammering into the ground :-)

Other Stuff:

Slashdot - Controversial Web "Framing" Makes a Comeback - "The WSJ reports that the controversial practice of framing seems to be making a comeback on the Web. Big sites like Digg, Facebook, and StumbleUpon have all begun framing links recently, -

Framing is a practice in which a site takes another sites content wholesale and places it within one of their pages. The URL will continue to read digg or facebook or whatever. It breaks a lot of what people are surfing the web for. It may also steal the traffic stats from the original page. This is a big deal for people attempting to make a living off the site as it affects ad rates etc. In general hard core web users hate it.

NPR Politics - GOP Comes Out Swinging After Specter's Defection

CNN - Hope for change runs into reality - " TILTON, New Hampshire (CNN) -- Kate O'Leary voted for Barack Obama and began the year full of energy. But her hope is giving way these days to a sense that some things never change.

"I trust his motives," she said of President Obama. "I feel like he is an honorable guy, I am not sure if he can do it. That's the problem."

Too much too soon is one of her worries. Too much politics as usual is another. Add in too much bailout money and Kate O'Leary is more sober now than she was when Obama took the oath of office."

But, but, he's the lightworker damn it. He is the incarnation of Amon Ra! This cannot be!

DAWN - Taliban behead two government officials in Swat - 'MINGORA: Pakistani Taliban have beheaded two government officials in the northwestern Swat Valley in revenge for the killing of two insurgent commanders by security forces, a militant spokesman said on Sunday."

But we can negotiate with the moderate Taliban. Right?? In all actuality I am sure this is America's fault. In some way Gitmo drove these gentle Islamic scholars to commit this brutal act. They never would have considered beheading anyone before the outrages committed there and at Abu Gharib.

Fox News - I wonder if the Islamic Appeals Court Pakistan just set up in the northwest will up hold the sentence of beheading for those two government officials? - If not I guess they can superglue the heads back on.

LA Times - It's all on Obama now - "Political observers say that with the events of the last week, accountability for the nation and its current problems has clearly shifted from Bush."


Firing tenured teachers can be a costly and tortuous task - and that's the way the unions like it

NY Times - Community Colleges Challenge Hierarchy With 4-Year Degrees - If we see enough of this I imagine the competition will cause University costs to drop. Competition = Good

Yahoo - Ethanol test for Obama on climate change, science - WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's commitment to take on climate change and put science over politics is about to be tested as his administration faces a politically sensitive question about the widespread use of ethanol: Does it help or hurt the fight against global warming?

Yes please Mr. President reconcile the science and the politics of ethanol. This ought to be fun to watch.

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