Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 5/13/09 - Lots of Pakistan Taliban stuff

Instapundit - What the Firing of 4-Star Gen. McKiernan Means for Afghan War: Analysis.

Just One Minute - One reason conservatives are concerned about the takeover of our nation's campuses by the left is that we suspect that one result is agenda driven politically correct "research" that is not subjected to meaningful peer review. - Well that and the opportunity to then disseminate the results of that research unchallenged.

Locusts and Honey - John offers to give up his geek card

No Runny Eggs - Drill Here Drill Now Tuesdays restarted

The Brea Canyon Monument - Amish Vandals??? - WTF???

The Other McCain - Is Rush Racist? - It depends on whose definition of racism you accept. By the dictionary definition no he is not racist. By the American progressive definition yes he is. I talked about this quite awhile ago. I haven't really seen anything that has changed my mind since.

Other stuff:

BBC - Map shows Pakistani Taliban spread - only 38% of NW Pakistan under government control

CNN - Taliban issues ultimatum to Pakistani leaders - Resign or we will arrest your families and destroy your buildings is the gist of it.

Dawn - 751 militants killed during Swat operation: ISPR - These are numbers reported by the Pakistani army take them for what it's worth.

Fox News - Craigslist Gets Rid of Erotic Services Ads - "Online classified ads site Craigslist will get rid of its controversial "erotic services" category that critics called a front for prostitution, replacing it with an adult category reviewed by Web site employees, state attorneys general announced Wednesday." -

At the same time as this announcement the Dow dropped by 157 points. Coincidence? I think not.

LA Times - Judge prohibits L.A. teachers strike - Finally a judge with some common sense and balls. If only it was contagious already in Washington state teachers unions are talking about strikes next September. Of course this is an annual occurrence now. Every year the teachers strike and extort more money and no school district ever takes them to court so they continue to get away with it. I long for the days when Andrew Carnegie hired strikebreakers.

Seattle PI - Campaign begun to get Seattle council members elected by districts- I hate at large elections because the council is never really accountable to the voters. One group (i.e Capitol Hill) can control the agenda for the entire city and really in a place like Seattle for the Puget Sound region.

Washington Post - Release of Yemeni Held At Guantanamo Ordered - No comment.

Pakistani Commandos target Taliban Base - "On the fifth day of a major military offensive, army officials said they were making a concerted effort to wipe out the hideouts and supply bases of Islamist guerrilla forces, mostly located in unpopulated hilly areas, but had not begun a "hard-core urban fight" to dislodge the fighters from major towns in the region."

And in solidarity with the government of Pakistan I bring you:

Hina Rabbani Khar - Pakistan’s State Minister for Economic Affairs


Two Pakistani politicians who are way too hot for a burkha.

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