Sunday, April 12, 2009

Around the moronosphere in 60 minutes 4/12/09

Doubleplusundead - Medical examiners discuss stopping power- I have always been partial to the .45ACP myself.

Flopping Aces - How strong is Obama's foreign policy? - It’s so strong that 4 twits from a village in Somalia, armed with 4 rifles can prove the entire Administration’s foreign policy (based on “Smart Diplomacy”) to shame, invalidation, and impotence.

Just One Minute - Tom Maguire follows up on the solar cooker I posted about the other day. Seems the guy who won the prize may not be the original inventor.

Slashdot - Goldman Sachs tries to shut down blogger - Who knew that there was a name for this type of behavior. The Streisand effect. So now she can be remembered for being an ultra leftie and a would be censor (but I repeat myself) because here music sure isn't that great. Credit where credit is due though "What's up Doc" is still insanely funny.

Bring the Heat Bring the Stupid - Emeril Lagasse attempts to change MREs from Meals Rejected by Ethiopians (circa 1984 joke) into a decent meal.

Brea Canyon - Maybe Shariah law has some good points (my headline not theirs) - A Saudi man has become the first in his country to divorce his wife by sending her a text message.

The Other McCain - beats me to a story about the Chinese slowly killing themselves off by aborting female children leaving a population of lonely desperate men who will sell their souls for the touch of a woman or lease them for an hour with a plastic blow up doll. At least know we know what the market for all those crazy female robots the Japanese keep building is.

He also indulges in a little cheesecake via a "Rule 5 Sunday" I knew there was a reason I kept posting pictures of Ewa Sonnet

and Jana Defi.

Other stuff:

Dogbert explains hedge funds

CNN- Saudi judge upholds 8 year olds marriage to 47 year old man - But there isn't anything wrong with Islamic culture or anything.

NY Times - Ginsburg spouts off

and finally Happy Easter

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