Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Britain's Channel 4 under investigation for it's Dispatches Undercover Mosque program

Earlier this year I posted about a documentary produced by Britain's Channel 4 in which they infiltrated the Green Lane Mosque and exposed a number of clerics making alarming comments. Today the BBC reports that Channel 4 has been investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service which found that their editing practices completely distorted what was said in the mosque.

The Crown Prosecution Service is referring the matter to Ofcom.

Police are reporting Channel 4 to the media regulator Ofcom over the way an undercover programme was edited.


The Crown Prosecution Service said the show "completely distorted" what the trio said, a claim Channel 4 rejects.

Kevin Sutcliffe, commissioning editor for Dispatches, said West Midlands police had produced no evidence to support their claims.


He said the one-hour documentary, which was made over a nine-month period and broadcast in January, allowed comment to be seen in a fuller context.

"All the speakers featured in the film were offered a right to reply and none denied making these comments, nor have any of them complained to Ofcom to our knowledge."

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