Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dems stop debate on Iraq

After getting whacked once more, Harry Reid has pulled the Defense Authorization Bill from consideration. This postpones further Iraq debate until General Petraeus's report in September.

Hopefully by that time the Iraqis will start getting their shit together and make a little more progress on the political front.

While I am fairly happy with the results of the surge I still like the proposal I put forward in my Why the Republicans Can Kiss My Hairy White Ass Goodbye post.

Here is what I would like to see:

1. A surge into Bagdhad and Al-Anbar Province. During this sweep time we should be doing house to house sweeps and all weapons and ammunition found should be confiscated and taken back to a central collection point with a ballistic sample fired and serial numbers recorded. Then after that the owners can reclaim their weapons.

If a bullet used in an attack is found to be from those weapons or if a weapon with a matching serial number is recovered from an insurgent the owner should be subject to immediate arrest and summary execution as a guerrilla.

Make sure everyone knows this.

2. Begin taking the best available Iraqi brigades and running them through an intensive 4 week course at the National Training Centers in Fort Irwin and Ft. Polk. Integrate their trainers with them at this time. Rotate as many Iraqi brigades as possible through between now and July.

3. When the security situation in Bagdhad has stabilized turn over responsibility to the ISF, pull American troops back to Anbar and stabilize Fallujah and Ramadi in a similar manner.

4. After all Iraqi brigades have been through the training cycle at Irwin or Polk begin withdrawing our troops.

5. Make clear to the Maliki government that any failure on their part to meet the agreed to milestones will result in the immediate beginning of a withdrawal.

The above requires a little modification because events in Anbar moved faster then in Baghdad and experience has shown that we will need to leave an American presence in that area but the premise remains the same, especially point 5, we really do need to force movement on the political front. Point 4 I think I would modify to withdraw to a training / support / rapid reaction role.

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