Friday, June 15, 2007

The case against Ron Paul

I very rarely visit Wizbang any more, mainly because I find Paul to be an annoyance that I can easily live without (If however they start posting videos of a dog crapping down Paul's throat and him becoming violently ill almost to the point of death I will start visiting more often). Today however they have a link to an article on presenting a case against Ron Paul that sums up exactly what I feel about him, especially:
#3) Ron Paul encourages "truther" conspiracy nuts: Even though Ron Paul admits that he does not believe in a 9/11 government conspiracy, he has been flirting with the wackjobs in the "truther movement," like Alex Jones and the "Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth." Republican politicians should either ignore people like them or set them straight, not lend credence to their bizarre conspiracy theories by acting as if they may have some merit, which is what Ron Paul has done.

#5) A lot of Ron Paul's supporters are incredibly irritating: There are, without question, plenty of decent folks who support Ron Paul. However, for whatever reason, his supporters as a group are far more annoying than those of all the other candidates put together. It's like every spammer, truther, troll, and flake on the net got together under one banner to spam polls and try to annoy everyone into voting for Ron Paul (which is, I must admit, a novel strategy).

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HMMM, Ron Paul --- Paul. Connection? Maybe.

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