Thursday, August 17, 2006

Woman Of Pakistani Descent Caught With Two Vials of Explosive Material West Virginia

via Michelle Malkin

Update: It is now being reported that the material which caused the explosive detectors and the dogs to alert were cosmetics. I think I am going to call Bullshit on this. AS I understand it the way that dogs work is by alerting to a particular smell signature that an explosive gives off. The detectors work by detecting a particular chemical or compound. It seems to me that the chances of both detecting an explosive are very low. Also if it was cosmetics why didnt the dog alert on the woman herself?

In my opinion the probing of security has begun. 

Yesterday we had two suspicious shipping containers in Seattle.  Initial reports were that these containers originated in Pakistan.  later reports only noted that the ship had left Hong Kong with stops in China.  That does not rule out a Pakistani origin.

The woman who caused the diversion of the plane to Boston yesterday ; a 59 year old peace activist returning to the US from Pakistan.

Osama Bin Ladin's Last Known Address?  Tribal Areas Pakistan

Are we maybe seeing a pattern. 

This isn't in any way to suggest that all Pakistani's are terrorists or even sympathetic to the Islamist.  Just noting that with the fall of Afghanistan and shaky government control in some areas of Pakistan it would be a good jumping off point. 

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