Tuesday, August 15, 2006

News from NewsIsFree.com

This is what I wanted my News is Free feed to look like, but I can't get it configured this way and doing it manually takes forever.  If anyone knows of an aggregator etc.  that will allow me to set up an autopost that looks like this let me know.

Home delivery drug gang busted

U.S.-bound Cubans sent to Gitmo

Feds back off cell phone terror charges

X-Ray Machines Don't Detect Shoe Explosives

Diversity Growth Evident In New Census Data

5 Hezbollah Militants Shot By Israeli Troops

McDonald's Customer Rams Patrons

PETA Activists Take Original Names Back

U.K. Police Nab 25th Suspect In Terror Probe

Man Ruled Insane In Attack On Wife

Shooting Suspect In Court

Palestinians Hunt For Abducted Fox News Journalists

SuperSonics, Wilcox OK 3-year deal

Idaho Supreme Court: Ten Commandments petition should go to voters

Human remains found in unattended campfire east of Spokane

Itron agrees to acquire Mass. company

Two die in head-on crash while officials discuss U.S. 2 safety

Two die in Grant County crash, pot found on driver

InSpa lands $5M equity investment

Man ruled insane in attack on wife, acquitted of attempted murder

Coalition challenges I-917 signatures in court

Israel sets pullout timetable

German authorities watching Madonna

Sex ring employed 240 call girls, cops say

Carroll quivered beside boy 'holy warrior'

60 Puppies Die in Tractor-Trailer Fire in Massachusetts

Ethnic makeover explodes across U.S.

Woman Leads Catholic Service Despite Excommunication Risk

Camp Cheney: Day 17

Mystery Sept. 11 Marine Rescuer Comes Foward

Suicide Bomb Kills 5 Near Iraqi President's Party Office

Baby Hospitalized After Testing Positive For Cocaine

Fort Lewis Soldiers Dispatched To Fight Wildfires

Four Sonics are robbery targets

Census: Majority of States See Increase in Minorities

Judge Upholds Reporters' Subpoenas in Barry Bonds Leak Probe

Developer of Penicillin Treatment Romansky Dies at 95

New Orleans Police Say Drug Trade Relocated to Suburbs

Homes Evacuated as Firefighters Battle Wyoming Blaze

The Answer Guy: Lefty vs. righty: Give 'em a break

Mariners game at a glance

Renton likely out as Sonics' new home

Mariners Notebook: Hard-throwing success

4-year-old badly hurt in car accident

School closures list to be posted online

Seattle hopes park users will see the beauty of recycling

No arrests made in man's shooting

Diane Shamash (1955-2006): A visionary for public art

Seattle is educated, diverse

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