Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman vs. Lamont

Joe Lieberman is one of the few Democrats I would ever consider voting for. Not because I agree with him on every issue, but because he can take a stand and stick with it.

Unfortunately it appears that may be his downfall tonight. With over 50% of precints reporting Lieberman is down by 3% in his Senate primary. This may be the Kos sacks first win.

If Lieberman does lose I hope he keeps his promise to run as an independent. I also hope he just tramples Lamont (There is no viable Republicxan opponent in this race apparently). Hopefully that will finally give the Dems the hint that the Netroots movement is the kiss of death.

as of 7 pm PDT

Connecticut // U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
575 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 79.95%
Lamont, Ned 114,165 51.75%
Lieberman, Joe (i) 106,428 48.24%

Georgia, U.S. House Democratic District 4
Precincts Reporting: 58 of 167 (35%)
Hank Johnson 11255 61%
Cynthia McKinney (I) 7062 39%

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