Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor - Conflict of Interest?

Judical Watch has uncovered evidence that Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who last week ruled the Terrorist Surveillance Program unconstitutional, serves as a trustee for a groups which makes donations to the ACLU.

Sorry, I am with Patterico on this one.  To me given who she was appointed by, when she was appointed, and who confirmed her it was just a given that she had an association with the ACLU.  It is like a prerequisite for judges appointed by liberal Presidents.  I think I am correct in my recollection that the majority of President Bush's nominations have connections to the Federalist Society

Or maybe I am just real cranky that no one, not one single blogger, I emailed regarding helping debunk the Waxman report, has bothered to respond and I am therefore feeling more sympathetic to the left.  Be careful or the awesome power of the Kuru Lounge (total readership 4, well 5 if you count my imaginary friend) will be shifted to the dark side of the blogosphere. 


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