Thursday, August 17, 2006

How did I miss this? Proof the New York Times article on the Terrorist Surveillance Program did cause damage.

After the revelation of the Terrorist Surveillance Program by the New York Times Bill Keller defended the decision by saying in effect, "The terrorists already knew we were monitoring them so our article didn't do any damage." 

The one good thing to come out of today's ruling by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor(besides the fact that this is a ready made campaign ad for Republicans) is the admission in her opinion that damage was caused:

All of the Plaintiffs contend that the TSP has caused clients, witnesses and sources to discontinue their communications with plaintiffs out of fear that their communications will be intercepted.

h/t Baseball Crank

Somebody from the White House please please please push this.  It should be in every speech the President gives from now on.  Tony Snow should ban the New York Times from press briefing based on the fact that they have done irreperable harm to National Security and cite this as.  In other words they need to break the stick off in the NY Times ass.

Update: More discussion on the legal reasoning here

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