Saturday, August 19, 2006

Follow-up On The ACLU v. NSA Case AND Judge Anna Diggs Taylor

Judy commenting at Betsy's Page writes:

I have had approximately 7 bankruptcy appeals before Judge Taylor. She was always careful, even timid in her opinions and tended to affirm (but not always) the bankruptcy judge. When she was chief judge for the District Court several years ago she was a good administrator, and had things running well. She and her opinion does not deserve the vitrolic criticism. I do not recall one of her opinions in my cases every being wrong. Of course, they were not of the same magnitude as this. 

That may be, but it certainly wasn't the case in this opinion.  As I have stated many times before I am not a lawyer, but I try and do my research and actually read the opinions, and resolve any questions I have about them, before I comment on them.  I found, in my non-lawyer and therefore invalid opinion, Judge Taylor's opinion to be more of a lashing out at an administration that she opposes than a legal ruling based on careful consideration of the facts. 

She may be a great judge hen the cases are outside the political arena but on this one she blew it.

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