Saturday, August 26, 2006

Examination of the Waxman Report Part 1 delayed

Sorry I worked for two hours on the first part of the series and the computer crashed, the post was lost. 

I will start again tonight after I get back from dinner.  Part 1 will be a general overview and a little history on Henry Waxman

You can start with this article which I was quoting from pretty generously.

I am going to say this upfront, Yes I am a staunch Republican, but I am going to play this straight (actually I always do but most people just assume I am trying to make a partisan point) if I think a charge is justified I am going to say so, if not I will call bullshit.

This project is going to take awhile since I will mainly be working on weekends and unlike Rep. Waxman I don't have a staff of 45 to help out.  Maybe when Senior Admin Official and Insider from Independent Sources get back from their vacations I can talk them into helping out.  (Actually SAO provided the background info on Waxman so he already has)  As I have complained about repeatedly no one else wants a piece, in fact they don't even seem interested in the base report, which is disappointing. 

One of things I am discovering after almost 2 years of blogging is how insular the blogging community is.  Until now I have kind of just gone my own way other than my association with Independent Sources and not really thought about it, but people are really broken down into groups and it is hard to break into one.  Of course a good part of that is also the quality of Kuru Lounge on the professionalism scale I am way down there, but I am trying to have fun with this not make it a chore. 

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