Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Democrats Scrambling To Organize Voter Turnout. Charles Rangel To Retire If Unsuccessful

Democrats Scrambling To Organize Voter Turnout

Democrats in the house are afraid they don't have an effective plan to seize control in the 2006 election. A military coup is definitely out of the question as the military is about 90% Republican so they have to resort to "threats". Charles Rangel has threatened to resign if the house remains in GOP hands.

Democrats consider the 2006 elections their best chance in a decade to recapture the House, with widespread unease over Iraq and with Republicans lagging in polls. Rep. Charles B. Rangel (N.Y.), who would become chairman of the Ways and Means Committee if Democrats picked up the 15 seats needed to regain the majority, said in an interview yesterday that he will quit Congress if the party does not capitalize on an unparalleled opportunity.

If that doesn't give you a reason to vote GOP nothing will, but just for further incentive remember Mimi Miyagi is running as the GOP candidate for Governor of Nevada and Diane Irey is running for John Murtha's seat. If we use the Babe Theory of Political Movements then the GOP should definitely win.

via Michelle Malkin (yes I still think she is ranting a bit too much but she has had good stuff on Israel so I am still reading her)

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