Friday, July 28, 2006

Shooting in Seattle - "I'm a Muslim American and I'm angry at Israel"

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update 7/30/2006 - Apparently the shooter has a history of mental illness. The Pakistani / Muslim angle is being down played in the media but the Seattle police are calling it a hate crime.

Haq briefly held one of the victims hostage and told dispatchers, "I want these Jews to get out."

"I'm not upset at people, I'm upset at your foreign policy," Haq said in a recorded conversation with police dispatchers that was detailed in court documents. "These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around and our people getting pushed around by the situation in the Middle East.

"I just want us to get out of Iraq," Haq reportedly said. "I'm an American too, but I want our people out of Iraq."

Witnesses reportedly heard Haq declare he was an American Muslim. Police have said Haq's statements indicate the shootings were a hate crime.

A law-enforcement source, who is a member of the Seattle Joint Terrorism Task Force and familiar with the investigation, said Haq was not a practicing Muslim. I don't think it matters if he was practicing or not if that is how he identifies himself.

source Seattle Times
You knew it was coming. The fighting in Lebanon had to spill over here eventually, and despite the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) protests of stereotyping I think everyone knew it would be a Muslim who drew first blood. Amazingly despite all the excitement downtown my commute was pretty mild.

So here's what I as a Seattle area resident know:

At 4:03 pm today a man walked into the Jewish Federation of Seattle, an organization whose mission is " to ensure Jewish survival and to enhance the quality of Jewish life locally, in Israel and worldwide." and shot 6 people, 1 fatally.

Police arrived soon thereafter and the man apparently surrended peacefully and told them he was a Muslim angry at Israel for the fighting in Lebanon.

Stuff I heard but haven't seen confirmed:

1. The man was of Pakistani descent - This was confirmed he is a 31 year old Pakistani.
2. There were early concerns of an explosive device - Confirmed although none was found.
3. There were concerns about additional shooters. - haven't heard any more.

At the moment the police are saying this is not a terrorism or terrorist case, although I think it is similar enough to the 2001 El-Al shootings in Los Angeles that that judgement may be mistaken.

I'm not one to let this kind of stuff drive my life, but I live in the same city where that idiot National Guardsman tried to sell secrets to Al-Qaeda so coupled with this, and Zawahiri's latest "Kill two Americans get a bonus virgin tape" I think I will stay out of the malls for awhile.


Seattle PI
Seattle Times

I will update if anything important comes up.

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