Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IDF - One more week to achieve our military goals

Power Line: One week and then what?

Paul at Powerline points to an article in the Jerusalem Post which quotes the IDF as saying it needs about a week to achieve it's military goals in terms of alleviating Hizbullah's capacity to threaten Israel.

He goes on to ask what then, and state:

Israel's military goal should not be to alleviate Hezbollah's capacity to threaten Israel. Its goal should be to crush Hezbollah and ensure that it cannot return to power in southern Lebanon.

Unfortunately as Von Clausewitz pointed out "War is the extension of politics by other means", and at that point ordinary politics takes over. Prime Minister Olmert has laid out Israel's demands for a cease fire:

1. Return of the kidnapped soldiers
2. Dismantlement of Hezbollah
3. The Lebanese army to patrol the border instead of Hezbollah.

I think they will settle for 1 and 3 and the elimination of Hezbollah as a military threat makes #3 possible.

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