Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hezbollah Says Israeli Response a Surprise

BREITBART.COM - Hezbollah Says Israeli Response a Surprise

A senior Hezbollah official said Tuesday the guerrilla group did not expect Israel to react so strongly to its capture of two Israeli soldiers.

He said Hezbollah had expected "the usual, limited response" from Israel to the July 12 cross-border raid, in which three Israelis were killed.

He said the Shiite group had anticipated there would be negotiations on exchanging the Israeli soldiers for three Lebanese prisoners in Israeli jails, with Germany acting as a mediator as it did before.

So how exactly does this work? Four or Five terrorists are siiting around knocking back some stiff shots of tea and one says "I'm bored lets go kidnap some Israelis".

Then everyone else starts laughing and "Yeah man, that'll mess 'em up"

"Heheh, yeah then we'll tell everyone we did it for, like I don't know a prisoner exchange or something"

"Yeah but what if they get mad?"

"Nah, come on we've done this hundreds of times they drop a couple bombs, everybody gets all pissed, then the germans jump in and it's cool"

"Yeah, Okay lets do it man"

17 days later

"Whoa man these guys are really pissed"

"I know and we didn't even really do anything. I mean all we did was kill three soldiers Kidnap two more and lauch a couple of thousand missles. They are really overreacting."

"Yeah and where are those Germans?"

That's what the article seems to imply.

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