Saturday, July 22, 2006

Exploding the myth of Israeli invincibility

CAN ISRAEL WIN? By RALPH PETERS - New York Post Online Edition: Postopinion

Ralph Peters in today's NY Post say's what I have been thinking since Friday. Israel has screwed the pooch. The invincible Israeli Army has been shown to have feet of clay after two ambushes on two successive nights at the same spot. Their intelligence has been poor and has lost them what sympathy they had in the international community by targetting civilian targets instead of Hezbollah. Finally their biggest mistake is treating Hezbollah as a lightly armed terrorist group instead of what they are an occupying power in Southern Lebanon, they need to be treated as such.

Israel is readying a brigade of armor for a limited incursion, they need a two to three brigades of infantry for house to house combat with the armor in blocking positions. If they do that and they recover weapons caches showing the massive amounts of arms Hezbollah had stockpiled they can turn this around. If they can catch a few Iranian advisors in the act so much the better.

Richard Scarborough at the Washington Times agrees.
h/t Powerline

Flopping Aces has more

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