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About those WMD

Powerline has been following the translation efforts of the Project Harmony documents, some of them, referenced below, seem to seriously undermine the argument that Saddam Hussein had no active WMD programs:

- Title: Report Presented by Criminal Director to Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) to Relocate Main Directorate

Pages 3-4
Letter [TC: Secret Foreign Classification] sent by the Director of the Criminal
Department, Na`man `Ali Muhammad, to the Director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service
(IIS) [TC: no name] dated 04 September 1999.
Mr. Muhammad indicated that the International Inspection Committee would be
inspecting the Al-Rashad location, among other locations, looking for non-conventional
weapons and other chemical agents. He added that the following procedures were
implemented on the fifth month of this year [TC: May 1999] in order to prevent
disclosure of the locations:
1- Relocate all IIS documents
2- Relocate all IIS chemical materials and equipment
3- Designate a group of employees from the Ministry of Health to replace the IIS
4- Relocate some of the officers and employees, whose job descriptions are not
compatible with the Ministry of Health to Al-Rashidiah, and implement other
appropriate concealment procedures. [TC: no further information].

BIAP-2003-003488.pdf - Title: Book of bonuses paid to personnel from various departments, but organization is unknown (in 2003)

Page 7

Name Bonus
AuÂ’la Muhdi Abbas 5000
Abbid Alwohab Hamadi Rathi 5000
Muhanad Talab Kareem 5000
AuÂ’mor Ibrahem GemÂ’ua 5000
Rayath Rasoul Abbid 5000
Nabel Muhdi Abbas 5000
Ahmad Muhamad Fakhri 5000
Samer Muzher Taufeq 5000
Ali Hassan Ali 5000
Adnan Katham Abbas 5000
Murwan abbid Al Jabar Hussen 5000
Haythem Naseef Jassim 5000

Page 8

Name Bonus
Shaker Hamid Rayees 5000
Ali Majeed Muhmood 5000
LouÂ’ay Hassan Abbid Alrazaq 5000
Adel Kathier Abbas 5000
Nataq Ibrahem Abbid 5000
AuÂ’mar Ali Hassan 5000
Muhamad Fauzi GemÂ’ua 5000
Arkan Turkey Abbid Allah 5000
AÂ’alya Heluoth Muhssan 5000

Page 9

Name Bonus
Sedad Jassim Muhamad 5000
Kassim Ali Hussen 5000
AuÂ’mar Jassib Majeed 5000
Hamid Sahie Fanekar 5000
Rayath Ibrahem Ahmid 5000
Kareem Muhmood Hamid 5000
Thaier Abid Alkathim Muhelhal 5000

Page 10

Name Bonus
Satar Abbid Alhassan MuhÂ’ye 5000
Kareem Abbid Alnabie RabuÂ’a 5000
Muhdie Falih Hassan 5000
Ahmad Abbid Almuhssen Hameed 5000
SafaÂ’a KatÂ’ua Muhdi 5000
Adel Hassan AÂ’ulag 5000
Taraq Saluh Hassan 5000
Abbid Allah Abbid Alrahmin AÂ’usbayan 5000
Huhamad AÂ’ubood Shalal 5000

(That didn't cut and paste very well I will try and fix the table later. It would seem to me the next thing to do would be to research the names in this list and see if they are names that can be associated with known Iraqi WMD programs.)

ISGQ-2003-00004530 - Title: Contain a memorandum of the Fedayeen Saddam dated 2002 in regards to gather information on a container that contains chemical materials hidden at Al- Sabihat village of Al-Karmah Sub District at Al-Fallujah

n the Name of God The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful The Republic of Iraq The Presidency of the Republic Saddam Feedayeens Secretariat The Supervisor of Saddam Feedayeens


The Respected Supervisor of Saddam Feedayeens
Subject: Information
Salute and regards Sir

We received information that state the following:

1. A team from the Military Industrialization Commission when Hussein Kamel Hussein was conducting his responsibilities did bury a large container said that it contains a Chemical Material in the village (Al Subbayhat) part of the district of Karma in Fallujah in a quarry region that was used by SamSung Korean company and close to the homes of some citizens.

2. The container was buried using a fleet of concrete mixers.

3. Before the departure of the international inspectors in 1998 a United Nations helicopter flew over the region for two hours.

4. A large number of the region residents know about this container from the large number of machines used to hide it then.

5. It was noticed a non ordinary smell in the region.

6. No official visited the burial site through out the years which give the impression that it is not currently known by the Military Industrialization Commission.

7. Positions for the air defense were digged in the region that surrounds the quarry place without them knowing anything about the container. Also next to it are important headquarters like (Saddam factories-The warehouses of the Commerce ministry- Headquarters of Mujaheeden Khlaq).

Please your Excellency review and order what is appropriate SirÂ… With regards

Moohsen Abdel Karim Mahmood
General Relations


This is of course on top of the recently released documentation, that at least 500 sheels containing Mustard or Sarin Gas that Saddam had previously reported as destroyed, had been discovered in Iraq. It should also be noted that the UN Inspection teams had failed to discover these shells. Why? Because they were not marked as special munitions, specifically to help avoid discovery. A practice which reportedly dates back to the Iran/Iraq war when the Iraqis wanted to be able to disguise their activities from their French Military advisors.

Fox News also has a translation effort ongoing, that is aimed at linking Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Their effort is being led by Ray Robinson a former member of the Iraq Survey Group.

In fairness I have to admit that this is not an offical government effort and the US will not stand behind the translations and interpretations, but this should point the way to documents of interest that the intelligence community can then reexamine.

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