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Power Line: What Happened to Those Chemical Weapons?

Power Line: What Happened to Those Chemical Weapons?

Another captured Iraqi document has been translated:

In the Name of God The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful The Republic of Iraq The Presidency of the Republic Saddam Feedayeens Secretariat The Supervisor of Saddam Feedayeens


The Respected Supervisor of Saddam Feedayeens
Subject: Information
Salute and regards Sir

We received information that state the following:

1. A team from the Military Industrialization Commission when Hussein Kamel Hussein was conducting his responsibilities did bury a large container said that it contains a Chemical Material in the village (Al Subbayhat) part of the district of Karma in Fallujah in a quarry region that was used by SamSung Korean company and close to the homes of some citizens.

2. The container was buried using a fleet of concrete mixers.

3. Before the departure of the international inspectors in 1998 a United Nations helicopter flew over the region for two hours.

4. A large number of the region residents know about this container from the large number of machines used to hide it then.

5. It was noticed a non ordinary smell in the region.

6. No official visited the burial site through out the years which give the impression that it is not currently known by the Military Industrialization Commission.

7. Positions for the air defense were digged in the region that surrounds the quarry place without them knowing anything about the container. Also next to it are important headquarters like (Saddam factories-The warehouses of the Commerce ministry- Headquarters of Mujaheeden Khlaq).

Please your Excellency review and order what is appropriate Sir… With regards

Moohsen Abdel Karim Mahmood
General Relations


Dated 15 Sept 2002 it appears to relate to the burying of chemical weapons (WMD) in Fallujah. Unfortunately this is another of those documents tht the US government just doesn't have time to translate / verify and I am sure that no effort will be made to check out the location. Combine with reports that the Iraq Survey Group deliberately refused to check certain locations, sometimes I wonder if the US really wants to find WMD.

I know I know these reports are not verified but the constant dribble of information just makes me feel like there is something there to check out. I have said it before I know there are WMD in that country it is just a matter of where.

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