Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Free the Camp Pendleton 8? I don't think so.

Michelle Malkin: THE CAMP PENDLETON 8

Michelle Malkin blogs about the Camp Pendleton 8 and the confinement at the Camp Pendleton Brig. Convinced they are political prisoners she want's their immediate release. I don't think so.

I am extremely skeptical about the events in Haditha as described by Time magazine, and have a great deal of sympathy for the Marines involved in this affair. The simple fact is they are in the military justice system and that system is harsh. Especially when dealing with pre-trial confinement. I was in the service for over 12 years and never knew anyone who was up for a General Courts-Martial who was not subject to pre trial confinement. At the very least they were confined until the article 32 investigation is completed.

In closing I'm sorry this is happening, I think these guys are probably innocent and I hope they get off, but this is the way it works.

Reference: Article 10 of the UCMJ

Any person subject to this chapter charged with an offense under this chapter shall be ordered into arrest or confinement, as circumstances may require; but when charged only with an offense normally tried by a summary court-martial, he shall not ordinarily be placed in confinement. When any person subject to this chapter is placed in arrest or confinement prior to trial, immediate steps shall be taken to inform him of the specific wrong of which he is accused and to try him or to dismiss the charges and release him.

An Army Lawyer has more.
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