Friday, May 05, 2006

Was the $100 Gas Tax Rebate really that stupid an idea?

To answer that we really need to do a little math.

The federal gas tax is $0.18 / gallon.

It is assumed the average person consumes 20 gallons of gas per week

Gas prices are generally higher between May and September (5 months but we will call it 6)

(.18 x 20) x 26 = 93.60, so the $100 is actually a little more than the average federal gas taxes for 6 months of the year. The idea might have gained a little more ground if the Senate Republicans had presented it as a 6 month suspension of the gas tax, but they have proven once again just how politically tone deaf they are. What I find most disturbing though is apparently no one in the media (or on the Republican side of the House of Representatives) can do the math to figure this out. It might have been nice to see an accurate reflection of what this proposal meant without having it dismissed out of hand as stupid.

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