Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration - Has the Right lost it's mind?

Because unless they can get it together they have lost the Congress.

I have been doing most of my posting on Immigration at Independent Sources, but this post wasn't appropriate for there.

For months people on the right, including myself, have been criticizing the way the Democratic party has been driven to the far left by the likes of DailyKos and the Democrat Underground. Now we turn around and do the same thing. People have come completely fucking unhinged over the immigration issue:

Michelle Malkin, who I generally like, can find nothing positive in anything the administration does on this issue.

Same at Polipundit

Powerline is generally negative on the President's plan but is at least trying to be supportive of him.

These are respected people on the right side of the political spectrum, and they are tossing us to the wolves with their, "it has to be my way or no way" attitude.

Fortunately there are a few voice out there that are advocating reason:

The Anchoress

Commenters on Betsy's page and elsewhere. As well as Betsy herself.

Others are sprinkled here and there but so far seem to be outnumbered by the activists advocating the "Kill em all let God sort them out" approach.

If we can't do something to get this under control and come to a reasonable compromise that both sides can live with Congress is lost this November.
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