Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Plamegate plot thickens

via Michelle Malkin and Ace of Spades

We all know the basic plot of the Plamegate saga by now, but here is a new twist. Joe Wilson has always maintained that his wife was asked by a supervisor if he would be interested in traveling to Niger to investigate the Uranium claims. Could that supervisor have been Mary O. McCarthy, the CIA employee fired yesterday for leaking to the press.

Apparently McCarthy and Joe Wilson served at the National Security Council at the same time with the same area of interest (Africa). In addition McCarthy and Valerie Plame are linked by my favorite CIA agent Larry C. Johnson (I have posted about him before). We now have two connections between them. Not conclusive but suggestive. Does that mean she necessarily did anything wrong by sending Wilson to Africa? No, but I have wondered for a long time why Joe Wilson's trip only concentrated on Niger when there are other African countries which produce Uranium. In fact this week it was revealed that some foreign intelligence services had concern about the Congo also.

Things I haven't figured out yet:

1. If McCarthy was behind this why did she want to discredit the intelligence? What was the motivation? I am going out on a limb here and assuming it was a moral objection of some sort, but why?

2. Why does Larry Johnson keep popping up in the middle of these things? I have a feeling people need to be taking a closer look at him.

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