Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blood is in the water now - DeLay Resigns

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Embattled DeLay to relinquish seat

The spin from the Republican side of the aisle is currently, "His legal troubles, although politically motivated, have become a distraction. He felt that his district deserved better." I call BS.

I am not a DeLay fan he always struck me as slightly sleazy. He also strikes me as the type who does nothing from altruism. So I am thinking that with his former chief aide pleading guilty to lobbying fraud he thinks he is going to be drug down with Jack Abramoff.

Now I don't know that DeLay did anything illegal, and I am not saying that he did, but he has scandal stink all over him, like a dog that has been chasing a skunk. That being the case in my opinion the worst thing he could have done for the Republican party is resign. Now it is just like chum in the water, the Democrats are going to go into another culture of corruption feeding frenzy and they are that much closer to making it stick this time.

Oh Well just my opinion.

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