Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration debate heating up in Senate

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Immigration debate heating up in Senate

There were mass protests this weekend over proposed immigration law changes. I think the activists hurt their case by organizing them, whenever you have 500000 people converging to protest it makes people nervous. Especially when they are chanting "Mexico, Mexico". The implication is they are not loyal to the US nut they want to be treated as if they are.

Most of the proposed changes in the law are changes I like. It should be a felony to be here illegally, and we should have security fences on both borders. Local police should also be required to notify INS or ICE or whatever they are called when they arrest an illegal. I don't like the guest worker program. If they are good enough to pick our lettuce then they are good enough to live here if they want.

Here is how I would address these issues.

1. It would be a felony to enter or reenter the country illegally after XXX-YY-2006. If you are already here you are under the old rules.

2. Put up the fences, but increase agricultural worker quotas.

3. Fine employers who hire illegals, require them to verify ID and SSNs. If an employer is found to be paying illegals under the table 10 years in a federal F**k me up the ass prisoon.

4. If you are in the country illegally now you can stay if:

a. You plead guilty to being here illegally
b. You pay a substantial fine ($10,000 ?) or do an equivalent amount of community service.
c. After 5 years of no further incidents with the law and paying off the fine or community service and passing a basic English test, you can apply to have your record expunged and for naturalization.

5. Human trafficing / smuggling should get 25 years in a federal f**k me up the ass prison.

I think that is a fair compromise, it allows for entry of workers if they are needed. It brings the illegal economy out of the underground, and stops the wage depression that illegal immigration brings with it, and it hopefully makes service and argicultural jobs attractive to Americans as entry level jobs again.

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