Monday, November 28, 2005

Joel Hinrich Warrant Unsealed

On the 17th of October I wrote a piece regarding the Joel Hinrich's suicide, in which I outlined four reasons that I was concerned that there may have been more to the story than what we were told. Specifically:

"1. Blowing yourself up is far from the most common way to commit suicide in the US.
2. This is being investigated by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
3. He apparently tried to buy a large amount of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer. Not a real common thing to buy when you are a student living in a dorm.
4. The search warrant is sealed for some reason.

Those 4 reasons by themselves, without any reliance on possible Islamic connections (ie attending a mosque, and the Paksitani roommate) are enough to cause reasonable people to wonder what this kid was up to."

On the 19th of November Item number 4 was addressed when a federal judge unsealed the warrant. On the 23rd Vaughn Ververs of CBS Public Eye challenged bloggers to correct the record regarding this case. I am taking the opportunity to do so. As I previously stated item 4 has now been addressed but the story referenced by Mr. Ververs does nothing to address items 1 thru 3. I will stick with my doubts about Mr. Hinrich for a while longer.
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